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Dragon Electric Vehicles build high performance electric Sports cars, designed for both road and track. This sprint car chassis is designed for hill climb events where the high torque of electric motors can be used to give tremendous acceleration. A rigid spaceframe chassis is needed to ensure accurate handling when large amounts of torque are applied to the road. DIY conversion kits start from £7000+vat, and conversions from £11000+vat.

We use high power series motors in our sports cars running at 144v and above. We are dealers for Netgain motors because we consider they are the best motors available for high performance road and competition vehicles. We can convert any kit car to electric power ranging from an economical run-around to a sprint car with devastating performance. For road use, we usually limit the top speed of our sports cars to 100mph, but sub 5 second 0 – 60mph times are still easily achievable.

We use fibreglass bodies from the kit car industry for our road-going sports cars. With standard lead acid batteries the 50 mile range can reduce to 20 miles when driven hard or when racing, but modern lithium batteries can increase range to well over 100 miles. Great fun for a rapid commute to work or for weekend pleasure drives.

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