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MK Indy R

The Indy R is our iconic roadster, designed and built for pure involving driving enjoyment on the road or track.

Our completely new chassis has been re-designed from the ground up. With all new push rod front suspension as well as a revised rear suspension layout for improved road holding and increased roll resistance. Increased torsional stiffness comes from more chassis triangulation while keeping to a light weight design.

The powerhouse is your choice. Whether you’re on a tight budget or going for a top end build, there are a range of car engines or
thrilling motorbike engines to choose from. The Indy R is based on the widely available Ford Sierra and you can source parts yourself from a donor vehicle or we can supply a complete running gear donor pack. Major components from the Sierra are the differential, rear drive shaft, front uprights, braking system, steering rack and column.

Depending on your interest and time available, we can supply the Indy R in basic kit form right up to a turnkey build. The kit can be built by an amatuer builder with no specialist tools or additional welding in around 300 hours.

The end result? Stunning looks, impeccable handling, breath-taking performance, and a power-to-weight ratio that will leave most modern day sports cars sat at the lights.

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