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Oldtimerbeurs – Techno Classica Essen

Evenementen > 2020 > maart > Oldtimerbeurs - Techno Classica Essen

Over dit evenement

Door Ruud van der Burg

Essen Duitsland

Deel Duitsland:
Locatie: Essen
Waar: Duitsland

Opmerkingen: Techno Elassica Essen

188.000 visitors from 41 nations became enthusiastic about the presentations of more than 1,250 exhibitors from 30 countries. The success oft he fair, especially the purchase made by the large number of international collectors and professional visitors, distinguish the Techno-Classica Essen as the global centre of the classic sector. Apart from its position as the leading commercial centre, the automobile classic world exhibition with 21 multifacted exhibition segments is also the defensive communication platform fort he automobile industry, suppliers, restorers, automobile associations, unions and service providers.

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The meeting place for the market with enthusiastic supporters, the 31st Techno-Classica Essen: ** World Show for Vintage ** Classic and Prestige Automobiles ** Motorsport ** Motorcycles ** Spare Parts and Restoration ** World Club Meeting ** will welcome your participation out of love for classic automobiles.

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