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Van der Kooi Winter Fair 2022

Evenementen > 2022 > november > Van der Kooi Winter Fair 2022

Over dit evenement

Door Bert Looman

Van der Kooi Houten


Waar:              Nederland – Utrecht

Locatie:           Vamn der Kooi Sportscars

Adres:             Meidoornkade 18, 3992 AE Houten

Organisatie:    Van der Kooi 

Van der Kooi Winter Fair

VDK Sportscars proudly presents our annual winter fair

We have always said here at VDK Sportscars Lotus Houten that cars can have different badges but the owners have the same passion, we are all true petrol heads, we didn’t choose to be car nerds its just in our blood.

On Saturday 5th November 2022 VDK Sportscars Lotus Houten The Winter Fair, we will be holding our yearly major event at the Houten Lotus Showroom, as we pull out all the stops to create one of the best car events in the Netherlands.

Humans have been thinking about different ways to travel for thousands of years. As time has gone on, they have devised increasingly more effective and efficient methods of travel. The automobile made a dramatic change in the way people travel. There is no simple answer to the question of who invented the automobile and when. It has been a work in progress, developing over the past several hundred years.

We created this annual event  to show our appreciation for esteemed customers and likeminded car lovers from 10:00 to 16:00 you are welcome in our showroom and workshop in Houten, where you can attend lectures in the context of:

The new Lotus Emira

The future of Lotus and their electric vision

Yes that’s right our brand new sportscars Lotus Emira is here in our showroom, don’t miss your chance to come and visit. Our team of expert staff have over 40 years of experience, it will be our pleasure to invite you and anyone who wish to bring along.  If we could also ask that this is shared with your car club we would be most grateful.

Should you have any special requests please contact any of team who will be happy to assist you.

VDK Sportscars Winter Fair
Lotus Houten – Meidoornkade 18
3992 AE  Houten
t: 030-4100490

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